Episode 06: My First Visit to a Fertility Clinic

Two weeks ago I visited a fertility clinic after being referred by my OB because I’d had another chemical pregnancy—my third one in less than a year. And believe it or not, I had ANOTHER chemical pregnancy a little over a week after visiting the clinic. That’s TWO in a row. 

My OB had put me on progesterone for the last four cycles and also baby aspirin in hopes that it would help prevent another miscarriage, but clearly it did’t help. I got pregnant three out of my last five cycles—the first resulted in a miscarriage and the other two were chemical pregnancies. My OB tapped out of her resources and we both agreed it was time to meet with a specialist. 

In this episode I give an update on our journey trying to conceive. I talk about our first visit to the fertility clinic and our next steps after multiple chemical pregnancies, a miscarriage, and a stillbirth. I learned a lot through this experience and I hope you do too. Here’s the episode:

Show Notes: