Hi, I’m Taylor. I’m an artist, writer, and certified yoga teacher. I’m also a wife and a mama to Ellis, my son who was stillborn in May 2018. I’m an advocate for open conversations about grief and loss and willingly share about my own experiences with stillbirth, recurrent pregnancy loss, and IVF.

In Spring 2019 I graduated from the Esther Vexler Yoga School with my 200-hr RYT certification. Yoga has been significant in my own healing journey and I pursued certification to go deeper into my own practice and also to share what I’ve gained with others. I teach yoga to help people connect with the present moment through their body, mind, and spirit.

My early career was spent in the arts. I love to be around artists and creative people—they inspire me to see the potential in all things. I'm grateful to have had some really rewarding jobs and experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. 

In my twenties, I lived in Austin, Texas and earned my undergraduate degree in art from St. Edward’s University as well as a master’s degree from The University of Texas. I also studied abroad in Amsterdam and fell in love with traveling, riding bikes, and going to farmer's markets. My formative years were filled with people and opportunities that encouraged me to pursue a creative life—I taught art classes, interned at art museums around the world, worked for public art organizations, helped found an artist collective, and curated gallery spaces.

In 2013 I moved back to my hometown, San Antonio, Texas, to work at Artpace, an internationally renowned contemporary artist residency program. I began working with educational and public programs, and eventually moved into the role of Director of Programs & Exhibitions. I had the amazing opportunity to work with regional and international artists and curators to arrange inspiring exhibitions and programming. I spent over five years at Artpace and gained wonderful friendships and experiences.

I love San Antonio and its community. For a few years I wrote for the Rivard Report covering arts and culture. Here is a selection of some of my stories: 

Renowned Texas Storyteller Bill Wittliff Presents New Novel — October 23, 2014
Attention to Detail: A Studio Visit with Vincent Valdez— May 8, 2014
Bill FitzGibbons, San Antonio’s Social Sculptor — November 9, 2013

In 2018 I curated an exhibition at the University of Texas at San Antonio, The River That Remembers: Visions of San Antonio's Landscapethat included artists making work about the past, present, and future of the city.

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On May 20, 2018 my life changed when I became a mother to Ellis, my first and only child who was stillborn while I was seven months pregnant. The experience of losing him completely rocked my worldview. I now deeply understand the fragility of life, the illusion of control, the inevitability of suffering, the magnitude of grief, the profound pain of losing a child, the beauty in vulnerability, and ultimately the incredible opportunity we have as humans to create and love. As a result, I feel called to write about of what I've experienced, to honor my son's life and to share the gifts he’s brought us. I hope to use the skills I've gained in my professional and creative life to open people's eyes to the light and wonder in this world.

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