Introducing Rainbow Baby

Taylor Bates

A Rainbow Baby is defined as a baby born subsequent to a miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of an infant from natural causes. If you are currently on a journey to a rainbow baby or no someone who is, this podcast is for you. You’ll hear honest and hopeful conversations about trying to conceive after loss, pregnancy after loss, and parenting after loss. 

I’m Taylor Bates, the host of Rainbow Baby, which documents my own journey of pregnancy after loss. I’m a writer, yoga teacher, and advocate for open conversations about grief and pregnancy loss.  

In May 2018 my first child, Ellis, was stillborn at 31 weeks for unknown reasons. In the depths of unimaginable grief, my husband, Hunter, and I knew we wanted to try again. Since then we’ve experienced new pregnancies and more loss. We’re still hoping for our Rainbow Baby and I’m called to share my story with you because life after pregnancy loss can be so isolating. 

Episodes will include my own story as it unfolds as well as conversations with other mothers and fathers of rainbow babies.

I’ll also include mindful moments such as brief guided meditations to help you through this emotionally trying time.

 I’m so glad to have you with me on this journey—thanks for listening.