Episode 03: Shining On After Losing Twins with Remembrance Run Founder Amber Meegan

Amber Meegan

In this episode I interview Amber Meegan, who founded the Shine On Run for pregnancy and Infant Loss in San Antonio, Texas. After losing her twin boys, Amber discovered that running gave her a sense of renewed strength and healing. This inspired her to create a remembrance run supporting other loss moms as well as their families and friends and also celebrating rainbow babies. Amber has three rainbow babies and talks about her story of loss, pregnancy after loss, and parenting after loss. 

I also want to mention that this episode was recorded  when I was 6 weeks pregnant in the spring of 2019, which unfortunately ended in a miscarriage. I’ve really struggled over whether I should release this episode as is or edit out the parts where I mention the pregnancy because I don't want to upset any listeners who are currently pregnant and fear having another loss. 

But I feel that the parts of this conversation where I talk about my experience of being newly pregnant after loss are so relevant to this podcast. I also believe it’s important to include the full picture of my story, even though I didn’t get the rainbow baby I’d hoped for. I’ll talk more about my miscarriage in the next episode and there’ll also be many other people’s stories in future episodes, because I know that everyone has a unique experience of grief and pregnancy after loss. 

But for now, I hope my conversation with Amber is a light to you wherever you are on your journey. Amber’s had ten years to reflect on the loss of her twins and has a true gift for putting words to her experience of grief and healing. Her bright and grounded spirit is a balm to my own grief. Here’s our conversation. 

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Stay tuned for the next episode, where I’ll share my experience of pregnancy after loss, which unfortunately ended in a miscarriage at 10 weeks. I’ll talk about how this affected me what I did to cope with the anger and grief I felt. We’ve since started trying to get pregnant again and are still hoping for another rainbow baby.

Show Notes:

Get to know Amber

Hi, I'm Amber. I'm a wife to Kelly, mother to Finley, Ethan, Emma, and angel babies, Sean & Liam. I'm a lover of espresso, the Enneagram, podcasts, and Jesus. I believe that all lives should be celebrated, no matter how small, or how long one lived. I co-founded a remembrance event, called Shine On, in honor of those who have experienced pregnancy and/or infant loss. Our hope is to promote healing and community for those who have experienced loss.