Fertility Results

It’s National Rainbow Baby day, which celebrates babies born subsequent to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death.

We’re still hoping for our rainbow baby, which is why I’ve started the Rainbow Baby Podcast—to document our own journey and to also tell the stories of others. My goal is to help break the silence and stigma around pregnancy loss and also to encourage those who are experiencing it.

Yesterday we got a big update in our journey. I had the saline and dye tests done on my uterus and fallopian tubes and everything was NORMAL as were my blood tests and genetic testing. We got most of Hunter’s results back too, which were also NORMAL.

This was all good news, though one of my fears was being told everything was “normal” and to not be given any answers or direction for our recurrent pregnancy loss. However we did get a diagnosis—our doctor believes I’m “hyperfertile” meaning my uterus clings to every embryo that forms, regardless of whether it’s viable or not. The embryos might have chromosomal problems or the timing of implantation could be too early or too late, which is most likely the cause of our chemical pregnancies and miscarriage.

Our doctor acknowledged that this diagnosis had nothing to do with Ellis’ stillbirth. She said we were lucky to get pregnant with him because we have a 2-4% chance each month of getting pregnant naturally and carrying to term. Her recommendation is that we do IVF (in vitro fertilization) with genetic testing on the embryos. They will also do a biopsy of my uterine lining to identify the best day for implantation.

After a 2.5 hour appointment yesterday with our fertility clinic, all I can say is science is a miracle! The technology is incredible and I’m so grateful that it’s available to us. Even though this is not the way we’d hoped to get pregnant, it’s such a privilege to have access to this treatment and to be able to afford it. I do not take that for granted.

So the plan is we’ll begin the process in the next few weeks and hopefully be pregnant by late fall if all goes well. I’ll continue to document and share our experience here and through my podcast.

Thanks for following our rainbow baby journey.