Ellis' Rainbows 4/5: Miracles

After the magical day at Enchanted Rock, I started seeing rainbows on a regular basis. It’s like all of the sudden I had on rainbow colored glasses. I saw them in the sprinklers on my morning walks with Zelda and they were also on trend, appearing in product campaigns and my social media feed. 

Every time I worried I’d stop seeing them, a rainbow would show up in a new form like on a road sign or on a clothing item. Then other people started seeing them too and sharing them with me. What you pay attention to, grows. 

I realize you might have a hard time relating to all this. After much contemplation I’ve accepted that rainbows aren’t necessarily that special; again, they occur regularly and can easily be explained by science. This is true for all the special experiences we’ve had since Ellis died—they feel out of body, other worldly, divine, magical; and also regular.

My favorite definition of a miracle is from Marianne Williamson—she says simply, “A miracle is a shift in perception.” For me this was being able to see light, experience joy, express gratitude, and make my own meaning out of a seemingly meaningless event—that is a miracle. 

Every time I see a rainbow, I feel a spark of joy and gratitude and a sense of being present with the spirit that animated Ellis, the same spirit that animates all things. 

If you see a rainbow, you might think about Ellis and experience a little miracle yourself. How does that shift in perception change the way you feel?