My First Visit to a Fertility Clinic


Today I visited a fertility clinic for the first time. My OB referred me to a doctor who specializes in recurrent pregnancy loss, and I like her a lot—she is kind but direct. Based on our history she said we have a 5% chance of getting pregnant naturally and carrying to term.

They took 20 vials of my blood (20!!!) from me for all sorts of testing and did an ultrasound to check my ovaries and uterus, which seemed to look good. They’ll test Hunter too. I’ll be going back in a couple weeks for more invasive testing, where they‘ll fill my uterus with saline and dye to do an anatomical scan of my uterus and fallopian tubes. 

The doctor went over a lot with us today and honestly it left me feeling pretty overwhelmed and anxious. I assumed it would be easy to get pregnant again after Ellis was stillborn and unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. Or more precisely, we’ve been getting pregnant; we just haven’t been staying pregnant. 

I had another chemical pregnancy a few weeks ago. That’s now three chemicals and one miscarriage in the last nine months since we started trying again. Some days I get super frustrated but most days I just carry on and keep hoping. 

I’m optimistic about this new step and look forward to having more information and some expert help. Thanks for coming along with us on this journey.