Starving Art Studios

Good news: I finally got a studio! It is located at Austin Starving Art Studios, which is an artist-run  space on E. Cesar Chavez just east of highway 35 in Austin. They offer art studio and gallery spaces, E.A.T. (East Austin Trailer Park and Eatery), and the Blue Starlite mini urban drive-in theatre where they play really cool cult and classic movies on the weekend. 

My good friend Ricky Jaén recently posted on facebook that he was looking for a studio space. We had been trying to get together for awhile to paint, but it wasn't happening because of busy schedules and lack of space to adequately work in. I found an opening at Starving Art on Craigslist and Ricky was interesting in sharing with me. Ricky and I met freshman year of college because we lived in the same dorm and were both art majors. We've spent countless hours painting together in the St. Edward's art department my senior year and really respect each other as artists, and friends of course.

I can't wait to start working in our new studio. My interest in the idea of the artist-educator stems from my passion for both art making and art education and requires that I attend to both these sides of myself. I am currently in my second year of graduate school for art education and am writing my thesis on artist-educators. I've been so consumed by the academic side of things, there has been a constant voice in the back of my head telling me that I should be painting and creating as well. Also, we get to participate in this year's E.A.S.T (East Austin Studio Tour) coming up in November. More studio updates to come.