Local Artist: Eli Halpin

Last year while working at The Arc of the Arts I met a local painter (recently migrated from Portland, Oregon) named Eli Halpin. We were introduced so that she could help me create an online store for The Arc of the Arts and then discovered that we both had studios at the same complex. We got to hang out a lot during the 2010 East Austin Studio Tour, but now Eli has her own private studio and storefront because she is a rockstar artist.

Eli's subject matter is primarily inspired by nature and usually features animals embellished with bright and metallic colors...and sometimes even glitter. I especially enjoy the subtle realism of her animal portraits that depict predators and their prey, but in a happy, Eli way. One of the coolest things I learned about Eli's work is that she paints on recycled materials such as old doors reclaimed from the local Habitat for Humanity. Most of her paintings are comprised of several different types of paint and media, which I find fascinating as I pretty much stick to oil. I am enthralled by Eli's style and apparently many others are too because she is a top seller on Imagekind, where you can purchase prints of her work. If you are interested in having an original painting from Eli, you can arrange a visit to her studio by clicking here.

Horse Trio in Metallic Graphite Violet  |  oil and mixed media on recycled wood  |  3' x 5'  |  2011

Birch Trees in Sage  |  oil and mixed media on recycled wood  |  30" x 80"  |  2010