DIY French-Inspired Gold Frames

I am very excited about the latest project I've been working on...I was hired by the Blanton Museum to embellish giant frames for three 8 x 16 foot blank panels that will be installed in connection with Storied Past, the new exhibition of French drawings that will open this weekend. Blank panels hung in a museum, you ask? They will be the basis for a featured activity called Make your Mark going on during the Blanton's Austin Museum Day event, which is happening this upcoming Sunday and is expected to draw over 3,500 visitors (Austin Museum Day is an annual affair where most museums are free and open to the public). Visitors will be invited to draw on the huge blank canvases, showcasing their skills alongside the French masters'. This past weekend I went to visit my parents in San Antonio and my mom and I experimented with different techniques for creating the best faux frame effect. We got a really neat, new creative toy called a Silhouette, which cuts custom designs into paper, card stock, and vinyl.

Once I had my custom stencil created, I used it to spray paint the design onto six, 8 foot planks of 1/2 inch foamcore (graciously cut for me by the staff of the Blanton's basement workshop...I've been having a lot of fun down there!).

After laying down my design, I traced it in hot glue with my heavy-duty hot glue gun, giving the frame dimension and mimicking the ornate detail found on traditional gold frames. Finally, I sprayed the entire plank with gold paint!

One frame down, two more to go--each frame will have a different design! If you'd like to see them in person and make your own mark to be on display in the museum (and framed by me!) stop by the FREE event anytime from 1-5 pm this Sunday, September 25th at the Blanton! If you can't make it, I will be sure to post photos of the finished frames soon :)