Child's Own Studio

Browsing through Pinterest (my new favorite procrastination tool), I came across this amazing site called "Child's Own Studio" that features custom soft toys for children based on their own drawings...I think this is just about the greatest idea ever.

The one-woman endeavor began with an idea to make a plush toy for a 4 year old boy, using his own drawing as inspiration. Since then she has made hundreds of stuffed toys, that you can check out on the Child's Own Studio Flickr page.

I know I am drawn (not meant to be a pun) to this idea because of my studio art thesis project I completed my senior year of undergrad, Seven Days of Creation, where I used children's drawings of the Biblical seven days of creation as the basis for a series of seven paintings I attempted to complete in seven days...whew! I was so inspired by the way the kids I worked with interpreted such an abstract concept and created such simple, yet visually striking images. Watch the video to see my painting process along with the children's drawings and interviews with my undergraduate professors on their thoughts on creation.