Paintings at the Austin Airport

This past Friday I installed some of my paintings at the Austin-Bergstrom International airport. They will be up for three months so if you happen to be flying into or out of Austin this summer be sure to look for them.


I haven't had much time to paint lately, in fact I haven't painted in about two months. I've been working full-time with Landmarks, which is great, and I've traveled nearly every weekend. I went to Marfa, Texas for the first time and loved it. I went with friends from the Dallas Museum of Art, one of whom worked at the Chinati foundation out in Marfa last year. She gave us behind the scenes tours of everything, including Chinati, Judd's ranches, and the Chinati Hot Springs.

Though I haven't been painting recently, I have been showing my work more frequently. Up Collective had a show at Bass Concert Hall this past spring. A few of my paintings were included, which was a really neat opportunity. I've had success showing my existing body of work, but now I want to push my painting and explore new directions. I will have to work hard to carve the time out of my schedule to make it happen.