A Special Email

Recently I received a special email from a man named Michel Buono in France. He shared with me a connection he stumbled across on Google between the artwork of his friend, Bernard Rancillac and one of my paintings. Here is an excerpt from the email...

Hi! - I'm not going to write this email only to say "Hi", but it's a good start...

I just think that you may be interested in seeing the work of a French artist, Bernard Rancillac (born 1931) who explored the same ways as you do now; have a look at this google search!

What is the link with your June Haver? During the 80's Bernard made a series of paintings named "Cinemonde" (from the title of a cinema magazine) by reproducing on large canvas the pictures of many actresses ... One of these paintings was called "Je me demande qui l'embrasse maintenant" and I spent months to find the name of the model; just a few days ago, I had the idea to translate the title in English: "I wonder who's kissing her now" and I immediately got the answer: June Haver!

June Haver by Bernard Rancillac

By searching more documents, I finally found your painting and your site...

Bernard Rancillac is a close friend of us and I'm sure he will love that story and the idea that young artists like you continue to work in the same direction as he did... I'll see him and tell him in March.

One more story: I've seen that you studied or worked in Austin; a very good friend of Bernard and me is Peter Saul, who taught 10 years ago at the Texas University; may be did you heard about him. Bernard and Peter had several shows together (in "La Galerie du Centre" - Paris) and had their first common show probably in 1964 (see https://picasaweb.google.com/apacc19/MythologiesQuotidiennes1964FigurationNarrative)...

Peter Saul & Bernard Rancillac

When I did a Google search of Rancillac's work I was instantly drawn to his bold and colorful style of painting. I also discovered that he has work in collections such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris. 

Bernard Rancillac
Bernard Rancillac

Thank you so much for sharing Bernard's work with me, Michel. How neat that the internet made this connection possible. A very special email indeed.

And finally, below is my painting of June Haver, alongside the original Photoplay magazine I used for the source image. 

June Haver by Taylor Browning
June Haver by Taylor Browning