New Work: "Reflections"

It's been awhile since I've made new work. I've been focused on establishing myself in a new city. I uprooted from Austin to San Antonio for my dream job at Artpace and have now been here for just over a year and a half. The first year I lived with my parents, which was surprisingly great. It was so special to have them as a part part of my daily life as an adult. My mom and I took walks in the morning and my dad and I had long conversations after we both got home from work.

I grew close to my parents and must admit moving out was hard, but I found the most charming place to live in Southtown San Antonio in the heart of the arts community. The house is historic and was previously owned by Robert Hugman, the visionary of San Antonio's River Walk. Every weekday morning I take walks along the river and document the surroundings with my iPhone—usually snapshots and short videos. I began noticing patterns in the kinds of images I was making. I'm drawn to reflections, especially of interesting landmarks or architectural structures, as they become distorted in the water's ripples. After a few months, I had the idea to make small paintings and started a series of these reflections, excluding the original structure from the image and turning the distorted version—its reflection—right-side up. I want the viewer to be drawn in to ponder the image. Initially they pause because some visual element doesn't make sense, but then they sink into the moment of observing, just like I do on my morning walks. Below is a video I made to accompany the series of paintings.