New Job, New City

Last August I accepted a new job as Assistant Curator of Education for Teen and University Programs at Artpace San Antonio.


Though I really enjoyed my previous job with the public art program of The University of Texas at Austin, I couldn't resist returning to Artpace (I was a graduate intern summer 2011). Working at Artpace is truly a dream job. I get to create programs for teens and university students based on new art that's created and exhibited at Artpace, a renowned international residency program for artists located in, of all places, my hometown. Throughout my time, I've met incredible artists, both local and international, and have worked on successful projects and programs including one of my favorites, the You[th]Pace Teen Art Council.


I've been pleasantly surprised returning to San Antonio. Though, of course, I loved living in Austin, I've found that much of what I enjoyed—the art community, vibrant culture, green space, and good food—exists in San Antonio too. Not only do I find my new city accommodating to my lifestyle, I find it to be more colorful as well. The odd thing is that despite growing up in San Antonio, it feels as though I've moved to an entirely new place. So much has changed, for the better, and the city's enthusiasm for improving urban life downtown is exciting. There is so much history in San Antonio that Austin just doesn't have. Also, the museums are better here. To summarize, life is good and I am blessed.